BSV tanked, but I don’t really mind… (Blogging Challenge – Day 7)


15 days ago by Geir

The crypto market, including BSV, took a big dump today.

Despite having a (for me) large amount invested in BSV, strangely I feel fine with this. My first thought when I saw that the price was lower was “should I buy more BSV?”

For now, I have decided NOT to buy more, but I do have some funds ready if the price should become too irresistible.

The reason for this decision is two-fold: First of all, I do think there is a chance BSV will be dragged down lower if/when BTC drops more – and since I think BTC will eventually go to $0, there is potentially a long way to go.

The second reason I did not buy more today is that I honestly think that I already hold enough BSV that it will be life changing at some point.

My biggest fear is that I get proven right about BSV, but end up selling too early. I am too scared to try timing the market (by selling in the hope of buying back lower), as I fear I might miss the boat and never be able to buy back in. If I can just manage to hold on to the BSV I currently own, I think I will be very happy at some point, and I am willing to wait whatever amount of time is needed to reach that point.

On a bright note, when the price of BSV falls, the amount of BSV I can earn, for example from goes up. Today I was paid 94267 Satoshis for a retweet, while a retweet I did yesterday paid 76839 Satoshis. The moral here: When the price of BSV goes down, try even harder to earn more of it!