BSV price action...


8 months ago by Geir

The price action in BSV has been strange lately - and for a “regular guy” like me, it is hard to understand what is going on.

I have come to a realization that the majority of crypto “investors” most likely neither know nor care about the technology behind the coins they buy.

It is a fact that BSV aligns a lot better with the original Bitcoin Whitepaper than BTC does. It is also facts that BSV works much better, and at a much lower cost than BTC.

Why then, is it also a fact that you can currently buy about 390 BSV for the cost of one BTC?

While I do not have the answer to this, it seems blatantly obvious that this can not and will not continue forever.

I was therefore super excited yesterday, when a short price crash allowed me to buy more BSV at less than $90 each. While many others were either panic selling or getting liquidated from their crypto positions at that time, I would describe my actions as PANICK BUYING. I was really not planning on getting more BSV, but the price I was able to purchase at was simply too good to resist.

This post, like all of my Bitpost entries, will be posted to the BitcoinSV blockchain. Anyone reading this in the future will quickly be able to see if I got the deal over all deals, or if the insanity of a useless, crippled version of Bitcoin prevailing actually could go on forever.

I like my odds, but I guess there is no such thing as a sure bet…