Blogging Challenge – Day 5


17 days ago by Geir

Not too much to report today – Sunday is family day, so a pretty slow & relaxing day altogether.

I did get in another 3.54 mile walk in the morning – picture posted at

As I mentioned yesterday, I have spent some time reading other postings on , but I must say it is frustrating to keep getting “Error Problem resolving Paymail address” for a lot of users when trying to send a tip by loving their posts. This appears to be so common that I fear it might dis-incentivize users from even clicking that button at the bottom of posts.

In my opinion it would be beneficial to either force the collection of a paymail to send tips to during the signup process, or offer some kind of escrow where tips can temporarily be held by Bitpost until the blogger submits the information needed to receive their tips – this way readers will be able to leave tips on any article they wish, without running into errors.

I have also noticed that none of my posts seem to get listed at - if this is just a hand selected sampling of posts, I don’t mind not being included. However, if I am doing something wrong on my end, please reach out to let me know what to do differently, as I still feel pretty new to how all of this works.