#Bitpost30 (Blogging Challenge – Day 12)


15 days ago by Geir

#Bitpost30 is a twitter tag first suggested by Michael Finney to promote the BitPost 30 day blogging challenge.

While I am enjoying taking part of this challenge, I wish there were more official updates, and an easy way to watch all posts from all other participants.

I have been doing some detective work on my own. I am trying to compile a list of all participants, and to keep track of how many participants have posted every day so far.

For future challenges, I hope this information will be made easily available, as it will help encourage both friendly competition and helpful support among participants.

From what I have been able to compile, 14 of the participants of this challenge has used the #Bitpost30 tag on twitter - and amazingly, 13 of those 14 seem to have posted in the challenge every day so far.

I have also located some other participants with a perfect posting record, so based on the data I have compiled, I estimate that there are still at least 26 participants who have posted to BitPost every day since the challenge started.

Keep up the good work everyone - I will see you at the finish line in 18 days! ;)