85 days - 303 miles...


8 months ago by Geir

Today was my 85th straight day of taking a daily walk.
Those walks add up to 303 miles walked.

Some days it is easy and feels good to walk.
Other days it might hurt, I might not feel I have the time, or the weather might not be ideal. However, for 85 days straight, I have gotten it done, and I do not intend to stop yet.

My next natural goal now is 100 days, and if/when I reach that I will reassess and decide whether or not to keep going. I also expect to keep up my daily Relica picture for as long as I keep taking my daily walks: https://relica.world/Geir

When it comes to Bitpost, I might decide to go away from a daily entry once the Kleiman vs Wright case is over, as I do not necessarily feel I have anything meaningful to share every single day.