50 days of Peersend tipping


1 month ago by Geir

I have decided that for the next 50 days, I will try to give away money via Peersend.

If you are not familiar with Peersend, learn more about the service at:

Each day I will find at least one twitter post that I genuinely think deserves a tip (and where I am not aware of the poster being a current BSV user), and send them a $1 tip. I will also try to personalize the share message that goes along with the tip, in hopes that this will make the recipient more likely to accept my tip.

It will be very interesting to see what kind of results this campaign will have:

  • Will my tips be ignored?
  • Will they be found as spam and/or offensive?
  • Will they be accepted?

Since these tips will be sent to people that do not know me, and that are most likely not familiar with the Peersend service, I do see the risk of the first two points happening. I am hopeful that at least some of my recipients will both appreciate & accept my tip - and if any of those end up believing in, and spreading the word about BSV as a result of my campaign, that would be fantastic!