13 BSV for one Gopnik


1 month ago by Geir

The interest for Gopniks appears to be growing.

According to https://mornin.run/token/1ba1080086ca6624851e1fbff18d903047f2b75d3a9ffe5cc8bf49ed0fdb36a0_o2/ there has now been 3520 Gopnik purchases.

This means that in addition to the initial 3000 sales, there has also been 520 transactions in the secondary market:

AS I write this, the lowest priced Gopnik is listed at 0.5 BSV - a healthy 50% increase from the initial sale price of 0.33 BSV.

Today there was also a new record for highest priced Gopnik, as one sold for 13 BSV. As it happens, I am the owner of Gopnik #13, so I have listed that one for 13.13 BSV, just in case someone feels like breaking the record. ;)