101 days and counting...


8 months ago by Geir

Yesterday wrapped up 100 days of daily walks, as well as accompanying pictures on Relica:

I would have never thought I would keep this up for a full 100 days when I started the Bitpost 30 day blogging challenge on September 1st, but today we are on day 101 - how long will I keep this up, will I make it to 200 daily walks?

Honestly, at this point I do not know. I do not have a certain goal in mind, but as the streak grows longer, I feel more and more eager to keep it up. As long as my body allows me to continue, I do not anticipate taking a day off any time soon.

I do however think I will take this chance to discontinue my daily Bitpost updates - from now on, I will try to post on a regular basis, when I have something I would like to share, but I will no longer strive for a daily entry. So, when it comes to Bitpost, I will try to shift focus from quantity to quality, but I would hope to post about once a week or so.

Please keep checking in on my Relica account to keep me accountable for my daily walks: https://relica.world/Geir

Thank you to everyone who have read my random ramblings, whether for one day, all 101 days I have posted, or anywhere in between!