Day 3 - A dark and winding road


24 days ago by Daniel757

Good morning Bitpost.

Yesterday, I discussed non-tech businesses implementing bitcoin into their systems. Today, I muse over what bitcoin is good at, though I don’t like where this led, as it ends up being a much darker path. These are my perceptions only, and I’d love for some pushback. Shoot me a DM sometime.

The first things that come to mind for me are P2P cash and documenting actions. In other words, creating an evidence trail upon which financial incentives can be executed.

How many times did Lance search “nintendo” on the company wifi? Too many, if you must know. When did Paul use his access card to enter the building? You get it; it’s a surveillance system. But how can bitcoin improve on legacy surveillance systems? Sure, PoW to validate the information, but how else?

Let’s tie to it payroll. Lance gets a deduct everytime he goofs off. This is hard sell. What if we tell Lance that if he spends time watching Streamanity videos on how to improve his customer service skills he gets a bonus. Now we’re getting somewhere.

A verifiable ledger that builds in self-executing incentives and disincentives for good and bad behavior. Bitcoin in payroll gives everyone an ownership stake. Mechanic does oil changes faster than co-workers, pay increase. Oh wait, this is the Walmart tire & lube and we want them shopping, not leaving, that pay increase is now a deduct. Bitcoin-facilitated incentives encourage deliberate behavior.

You’re beginning to see the bigger picture now. But you ask wonder, all this can be done independently now without bitcoin. Stick with me a bit.

Let’s go a step further. At what temperatures should the thermostat turn the HVAC on and off to maintain a specific average temperature? Bitcoin can track that. How much efficiency can you gain by adjusting the specific average temperature in a given building? Bitcoin can log that too. Now tie it to your bill. Bitcoin can reward you for energy efficient living and penalize you for luxurious living. Getting invasive yet?

Despite all the hype regarding P2P cash, universal Bitcoin adoption brings with it a lot of risk. Social credit score, anyone?

Run it to stop, I imagine a wealthy enough employer could pay its workforce to sit in front of the screen and watch their sats go up when the sensor recognized alpha waves, but down when it recognized gamma waves. Are you concerned yet?

The rent is due! Whatever shall I do? Don’t frown, just dumb it down.

Now let’s tie all together. Without bitcoin, we’d be hard pressed to automatically adjust Lance’s thermostat in response to unauthorized wifi use. Bitcoin “fixes” this. One ledger to rule them all, anyone?

Next, we’ll let Rehoboam optimize the incentive system.