Day 10 - Some coffee to get your brain rolling


11 months ago by Daniel757

Good morning Bitpost.

Each day we wake up and go through our morning rituals. They change over time, but most change is gradual or simply a disruption to the normal that doesn’t stick. In other words, habits are broken by small incremental change, while sweeping reform rarely has sticking power.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been getting up when I wake up rather than sleeping in until my alarm goes off. This has added a few hours to my mornings, when I’m more productive, and frankly has not taken much from my evenings. It’s not felt difficult, but did take some deliberate effort. To sustain, I do have to make the deliberate choice to go to bed at a reasonable hour. It’s a small sacrifice that has made me feel better about getting up most mornings.

Another habit that I’ve developed over the years, for better or worse, is the morning coffee. I doubt I need the caffiene, but I greatly enjoy the smell and taste of plain black coffee. So that has entered my morning ritual. Like other things, I see it as a pass through habit, better than the morning red bull I enjoyed when I was younger. Nonetheless, it’s not the best habit, which would be abstaining altogether. Breaking the dependency and getting back to all natural. It’s just a step in the road for now.

Over my years, I’ve developed, sustained, broken, and lost many habits. Developing habits has helped me achieve goals, and has allowed me to shape and mold my future. On the other hand, losing habits has accelerated a decline in my health and created much wasted time.

What that tells me is that to achieve a goal, I should create habits that allow incremental progress toward that goal. But the habits cannot be so invasive that I find excuses to avoid them. And almost equally as important, is finding habits that I believe will help me achieve my goals. Without that, even pushing one button a day is going to be lost.

With this in mind, I believe the closing thought on this can be analogize to the idiom “measure twice, cut once”. In other words, to achieve a goal, one must take time to develop the appropriate habits that will achieve said goal in a sustainable manner. Take time to plan your habits so that they both achieve the desired outcome, and are sustainable. Without these elements, habit is more likely to be overcome by complacency or low desires.