A Truckers BITCOIN Journal #1

Andreas Olivas

2 months ago by AndreasOlivas

Hi Bitcoin,

Today was a kind of day that i had to really push through. The last few nights i went to bed late and had to get up at 0500 to make time on my load to be on time.

I can always feel the difference in my day if i dont get enough rest. if i go more than 3 days with out the proper rest, its even more difficult.

So on less than normal rest i had anparticular difficult route today. My trip started from Charlotte, North Carolina and finished in Chillicothe, Ohio loaded with 40,300lbs of truck axles loaded high. With this weight, the truck gains speed quickly going down hill and looses speed quickly going up hill.

For anyone who is familiar with that route north through West Virgina knows the interstate is very mountainous. Constanlty requiring my focus adjusting speeds, preparing for decends, being patient on the climbs and guaging the right speed on the curves–not too slow, not too fast.

And because of these constant changes, what would have normally been a 7 hour drive, turned into a 10 hour drive and now I only get back 2:43 hours on my recaps to orrow where i would have prefered to get back 5 or 6 hours.

Anyway, im parked now in Circleville, Ohio just south of Columbus. There is a corn field right behind my trailer which is great because i enjoy going out to the corn fields and youching the leaves and looking at the order.

Im also feeling excited for my workout routine of pushups and a fitness walk.

There is an overcast and its 78F which is a great break from the heat latley.

I fixed myself an Italian soda a moment ago and can feel the mood is right to start my excersise (i always forget how to spell exercize, i spell it wrong all the time.