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Uploading 173 MB of High Resolution Photos to the Blockchain

Yesterday, I toured San Francisco and took some photos which I then uploaded to the blockchain. I selected my favorite 38 photos which totalled 173 MB in size. Since the files had to be split into 100 KB chunks, that was ~ 1700 total transactions. The total cost was about $120 USD.

I tried to upload all the photos last night, but I ran into a problem. I had prepared 250 UTXOs, but that was not enough. I got really unlucky and there was a one hour period where there were no big blocks mined. SV Pool, unfortunately, does not mine big blocks, and they were the only pool to mine blocks in that period. I ran into the “too long mempool” error and there was nothing that I could do but wait. At some point I got tired and went to sleep. I resumed today after my transactions confirmed and I was able to finish uploading all of the images.

I am willing to sell each of these photos for $100 USD each. Please contact me if you would like to purchase a photo, and we will figure out how to track the transfer of ownership on the blockchain.


  • SVPool doesn’t mine big blocks.
  • We need to increase the maximum split size from 250 to 500 UTXOs. Or maybe higher.
  • A watched block never mines.
  • I single-handedly generated several 20+ MB blocks, like this one.


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