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  "data": "*(Scroll to the end for TLDR;)*\n\n**There will be a single victor,** perhaps not entirely independently, but with an ultra supermajority. Each day, my conviction that it is $BSV increases (and I am already very confident). #BSV, like email, will be universal. This is why the term \"protocol\" is used.\n\nProtocols underpin the entire Internet. As with HTML, #Bitcoin is intended to be a core component of the Internet. This is why data centers and server farms will continue to be needed. $BSV is the Internet, but instead of simply serving as a means of communication (email, chat, website, or media), it instead serves as a means of tokenization. Everything that appears on a balance sheet is a token in economic terms, and it might be fungible (currency/security) or not (property, product). This is why the entire world will have a single chain.
\n\nThe elites' attempt to hedge against the collapse of their divided, privileged society is reflected in $BTC. Are you familiar with the concept of privilege? It   has the ability to engage in activities that are not publicly disclosed, such as shadow dealings, shadowy behavior, and ulterior motivations. Those that operate in the shadows without being punished are privileged.
\n\n$BSV is the best tool to expose shadows. It is a tool for estimating whether something or someone is real or not. Why would anyone not want to support a global network that handles things better than ever before and enforces transparency while protecting privacy? The only exception will be if that individual or entity wishes to conceal something. #BSV will not eradicate darkness; rather, it will serve to highlight those who willingly continue to live in it. It will help us to see clearly.
\n\nFor instance, if an individual is closing a commercial contract and the other side refuses to settle via $BSV (assuming the protocol has already achieved critical mass), this is an obvious red flag indicating that the other party is likely planning to commit fraud. At that point, the individual has the free will to either take the risk and conduct the transaction off-chain or to insist on conducting the transaction on-chain, prepared to walk away if the other party refuses.
\n\nThus, #BSV will serve as the definitive barometer for the collective enlightenment of the human race. If the transparent and private chain ($BSV) achieves a critical mass of acceptance, it will signal that our collective global awareness has shifted in a positive direction.
\n\nAssume we do not implement this new protocol of tokenization (value), privacy, and transparency in a timely manner. In that situation, it indicates that our species has not evolved sufficiently and is thus unprepared to join the galactic federation of worlds (Type 1 Civilization, Kardashev).
\n\n($BCH is also included in this test, albeit in a different fashion than $BTC. Thus, the \"Elites\" possess two hedges in actuality.)
\n\nAs a result of failing to opt for mass transparency, we would be putting ourselves at risk of mass extinction (self-annihilation) due to intentional ignorance that would result in prolonged division/confusion. I am confident that Dr. Craig \"Satoshi\"*(1)* Wright is aware of all of this, which is why he is impatient to explain everything and frustrated by how few people grasp what we are building. He genuinely cares about humanity and is well aware of the world's current perilous state.
\n\nThe White-hats are doing everything possible to ensure that our species continues to progress in a positive direction. They will go to any length, and their conviction is 1,000,000,000,000 times stronger than that of any bad actor on this planet. As a result, they have an enormous amount of faith in their work and its conclusion.\n🌎🌍🌏 
\n\n*(1)*: Dr. Wright frequently implies that the name \"Satoshi\" is related to \"ash,\" as in a Phoenix rising from the ashes (of the old system); he also uses the example of the cartoon character \"Ash\" from Pokémon, rightly claiming that the Japanese name for \"Ash\" is \"Satoshi.\" This correlation, however, is a manner of trickery. His justification for creating this erroneous association could be interpreted as an \"Easter egg\" or riddle for the astute listener to decipher. In reality, the Japanese term \"Satoshi\" refers to a bright and quick-witted young man.
\n\nSource: “The Satoshi Affair” https://www.lrb.co.uk/the-paper/v38/n13/andrew-o-hagan/the-satoshi-affair \n* Craig Wright informs Andrew O'Hagan that Satoshi translates to 'ash' in Japanese (LRB, 30 June). Indeed, the term 'ash' in Japanese is hai. 'Satoshi' is a boy's name that denotes wit and intelligence.\n\n***TLDR;***
The virtual currency Bitcoin is designed to be a key component of the Internet. The entire globe will be connected by a single chain, with $BSV serving as the ultimate arbiter of privacy and transparency. #BSV will not extinguish darkness; rather, it will showcase those who choose to dwell in it. Craig \"Satoshi\" Wright is frustrated by how few people understand what we're working on. The White-hats are doing everything they can to guarantee that our species continues to advance in a positive way. They will go to any length to guarantee that this occurs.",
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