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Let the Trolls Have Twitter

Twitter is all about getting attention. It has nothing to do with truth, substance, meaning or utility.

Everyone who uses Twitter realizes this and it is not controversial.

Everyone would have already migrated away from Twitter if there were a good replacement. No one has built one yet that has overcome Twitter’s network effect.

But we are rapidly building something fundamentally better on the blockchain. We don’t yet have some important features, like following, but we are getting there very quickly.

The future we are building allows everyone to own their content, to price everything as they see fit (including making things free if desired, but also allowing anything to have any price), and to engage with anyone else in win-win contracts of any sort. Trolling will not be profitable so it will be off-chain only.

Twitter is about thirteen years old. The product has not fundamentally changed since the beginning, and the company seems averse to making fundamental changes.

As we migrate everything valuable to the blockchain, there won’t be any reason to put valuable things on Twitter anymore. Thus, Twitter will naturally degrade in quality. As everything true, substantive, meaningful and useful moves to the blockchain, only the spam, fake news, propaganda and trolling will be left on Twitter.

Because of Twitter’s conservatism, and the rapid pace of change, I believe it is not worth the effort for users to save Twitter. Why fight for Twitter when we can already have the better system right now on the blockchain? Let the trolls have Twitter. We have something fundamentally better: the blockchain.

Soon we will have protocols for identity and associated protocols like following. These protocols are not dependent on one company and allow every monetization option to be possible, including whatever is best for each user. Why would we want to put any effort into saving Twitter, which has none of these things and encourages all of the worst types of behavior?

Twitter the company could still save itself by thoughtfully monetizing the content inside the platform and migrating to the blockchain. They are incentivized to do so. Let’s see whether they are able to figure that out quickly enough to save themselves from being obsoleted by an unstoppable, distributed economic system.

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