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How I Became the First Person to Upload More Than 1 GB of Data to the Blockchain

Today I was pleased to discover that the total size of the transactions I have created with Money Button is more than 1 GB, making me (probably) the first person to upload more than 1 GB of data to the blockchain.

My all-time transaction size sum on Money Button is a bit more than 1.5 GB, and the vast majority of that occurred in March when I was writing a bunch of photos for fun. My total for March is 1.429183010 billion bytes, not including some data I lost track of during tests.

Most of the data I have uploaded are my personal photos which are available on my blogchain below. The nicest photos are the ones I took of some parks in San Francisco on a sunny day.

There are many use-cases for putting data on the blockchain, but the most relevant is Digital Rights Management (DRM) for content creators and everyone else in the media industry. For instance, freelance photographers could publish their photos directly to the blockchain and then sell or license their photos any way they desire with all contracts happening automatically. We plan to create features to facilitate DRM over time.

If you want to upload large amounts of data to the blockchain, we have the following resources available:

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